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“Kristan is a miracle worker! I came to her with plantar fasciitis over a year ago. To this day I don’t wear any of my braces and I have no pain! That was just the icing on the cake. What she did for my whole body was so transformational! I highly recommend this work with Kristan.”


–Denise, 40 Massage Therapist


“I arrived at my first session of the 10-Series with high expectations, and by the last day, they had all been exceeded. One session in particular stood out to me that really set rolfing apart from the deep tissue massage and countless chiropractic sessions I’ve received in the past. For me, it was proof that Rolfing addresses the root of the problems causing pain and misalignment in the body, rather than temporarily fixing the symptoms. At the time, I was beginning to develop the classic desk-job posture:  rounded back and shoulders, head craning forward toward the screen, etc. In this session, Kristan worked solely below my knees. When I stood at the end of the session, I was amazed. With no effort or pinching, I was able to stand with perfect posture, with my shoulders down and back and my chest open.

While having skillful hands is important, I believe it is only half of the picture when receiving body work. The space a body worker holds is equally important. Kristan has a warm, calming presence that made me feel completely at ease, even the first time we worked together. I felt safe and held while working with her, which greatly facilitated the release of tension held in my body.

In addition to physical realignment, Kristan also helped me to develop better awareness of my own body, so that I could form good habits and prevent issues in my posture and movement down the road.”


–Nico, 23 Engineer

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